Monday, March 2, 2009


I just want to say I love you
Even though I know you are not mine now
But I cant stop my feelings
If its easy tell me how

These three words are very difficult to say
That's why before I am not able to say even a part
But now it's tough to hide
Therefore I am saying it to you when we are apart

My love is always with you
Wherever you go
Just sow some moments of ours
And a plant of love will grow

Whenever you are in difficult situation
You just think of me
And I'll be there to help you
And glow like a lamp to see


The person I love more than my life
The person I can remember even when I die
The person for whom I came to this world
The person on whom I can pour all my love
The person who is in depth of my heart
The person who is my soul and my body part
The person without whom my life has no meaning
The person with whom I can spend my life remaining
The person who is so close to me
The person so close that he can only be feels
The person with whom I can share everything
The person who remain with me even when the life stings
I love that person I care for him
The night the day I think of him
I want to live with that person
I want to stay in his heart
I want to follow that person
By his foot mark.

The Three Words

The three words of love
The three words of laughter
The three words of cry
The three words which are answer
That how much I love you
That how much I care
That how much my heart bleeds
When you are not near

The three words are magic
The three words are pleasure
The three words are fragrance
The three words are treasure
Which always make me realize
That you are somewhere near to me
You are close to my heart
And you are someone dear to me


It comes with a soft breeze
and gives you someone dear to you.
It brings tons of happiness
and charms when it is near to you.
When it comes you never come to know
but it brings lots of cheers to you. goes like a strong wind
and gives seas of tears to you.
It leaves the ashes of loneliness
and makes itself a fear to you.
When it goes you find yourself nowhere
but the life is like a sneer to you.

Friday, January 23, 2009


The confusion inside is hard to solve reason which makes me hard to involve.

The love is blooming but life is pause.
The road is in front but no reason to cross.

What will be ahead and what I left behind.
No regrets of any but still I want to hide.

Want to understand more of me.
But whenever I try, multiple of me is what I see.